About Us

Who We are!

Since our humble beginnings in 2011 as WS Refrigerants, an Air Conditioning Systems & Projects Contractor Company, we have grown to become one of the market leaders in the sector of Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration gas. Under the dynamic leadership and progressive vision of FRIG’s founder, the company saw amazing development in just seven years. By 2013, the corporation has firmly established significant trade services in the sphere of air conditioning, refrigeration, and gas suppliers. As of present, WS Refrigerants, based in Istanbul, Turkey, and Netherlands serves the Middle East, African, and Eurasian markets with 10 specialized Showroom locations and subsidiaries.


The ever-changing industrial demand for air conditioning and refrigeration gas necessitates great technical knowledge and an inventive approach. As a result, our product management teams are focused on the ongoing improvement of the product mix. This allowed us to launch the first multinational refrigerant brands, such as MAXRON, AMETRON COOLIB, and others, into the market. Absolute tight partnership with premium manufacturers and industrial icons has increased our reach to every segment of the trade by providing excellent goods with a competitive advantage. In keeping with the ever-improving version of customer care, our distributor networks are linked to our central supply chain department to ensure maximum efficiency.


While we cater to key trade categories such as manufacturing, inventory management, warehousing, trading, imports, and re-exports to regional markets, we are committed to ensuring that our clients receive our goods and services at the most affordable prices while being as efficient as possible. Last but not least, customer service is more than just a business routine; it is an integral aspect of our total business philosophy.

Our Mission

Our objective is to consistently expand companies that prioritize maximum customer pleasure while also protecting the interests of all stakeholders and adhering to environmental requirements.

Our vision

Our mission is to become a top provider of air conditioning and refrigeration to our selected market by knowing and satisfying our customers’ needs while exceeding their service standards.

Our market

Our business policy is based on dedication, quality, and client satisfaction in the supply of products and services within our area. As evidence of our determination, the following brands have competitiveness, quality, and client preference in regional and worldwide marketplaces.